Monday, April 30, 2012

Motivational Monday: Kicking Closed Doors

You're sitting in your office. You have this idea or information you KNOW will change the fate of a person or your job. You go to your superior, ready to share this idea or information...but their door is closed. You're discouraged. You start to knock, but fear wraps you in a snug blanket. You start to turn around...going back to your desk, but something inside of you tells you to go back...kick that closed door. Do you listen?

Life is like that. It gives you an idea, information or a resource that could change the very situation you are in. Often times what stands between the idea and the execution is the closed door. The closed door represents the obstacles we face to make our dreams, goals, opportunities a realization. We get so caught up in the physical existence of "the door" that we often forget what could be behind it.

When fear (the door) stands in the way of your goal being realized, your dream being executed, that opportunity happening...kick it. KICK. THAT. CLOSED. DOOR. Don't let a closed door stand in your way because the one thing that stands between you, that door, and what's behind your foot and the strength you put behind it.

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