Monday, April 23, 2012

Motivational Monday: Closed Minds Don't Get Fed

Lately, I've been exercising my open mindedness and helping others to exercise theirs. Yesterday was date night with the soon to be hubby. We drove around the city laughing, people watching, trying to find something to do on a brisk Atlanta day. As it turns out, the theme for our date night was all about getting Hubby to try new things and be open minded. The first thing he tried was this restaurant I've been telling him about. And he helped me to open my mind about what we should do. I had to think, if we both hadn't kept our minds open, we would have missed out on a great day together.

That's the thing, when you close your mind to the endless possibilities, you prevent great opportunities and blessings from flourishing. Think about the last time you started to close your mind to something, changed your mind, and great things started happening. I know if I had closed my mind to going to certain events or meeting with certain people I would not know the great people that I know today. If you had closed your mind to that job offer or unexpected opportunity who knows where you would be!

The gist of it is this, closed minds don't get fed. When you keep your mind closed, you prevent the flow of knowledge, information, and opportunities. The mind itself is a receptacle, always waiting to receive...why would you keep the lid closed?

"It's essential to keep an open mind, and to be willing--better yet, eager--to try new things "
       -Michael Abrash

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