Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I had a conversation with the boyfriance last night about priorities. I asked him how come we haven't gotten engaged after 8 years of being together and what was holding him back. I also asked him about our living arrangements after said engagement and I told him that if it's not in the cards to live in a house, couldn't we compromise and get a nice condo or apartment. He stopped me before the words could even spill out of my mouth properly.

He told me the reason why we aren't engaged, yet, and I haven't received an engagement ring is because he refuses to give me any kind of mediocre ring. He wants to take the time out now to save the money and get me something that not only will I be proud of, but he will be too. Average is not his specialty. As for the idea with living in a really nice apartment or condo, he felt like it would be a waste of money and it's a better investment to live in a house that matches our current situation and needs (which I totally agree with, especially since it's still a buyer's market).

He took me through his priorities and what he's doing to ensure that the most important things in his life are getting taken care of...Me and Him, His business, and Our Future. Everything he was doing started to all make sense, the late nights, the networking events, the times I didn't see him...Priorities.

We all have a lot going on in our lives: school, work, friends, family, leisure time. But we also have a lot we want to accomplish: building a business, learning a trade, investing, travelling. We have to learn to figure out what's important and will benefit us for the long run and what is only benefiting us in the short term. Once we learn to prioritize our lives, we'll find that we can get so much more done. All it takes is prioritization.

Priorities-something given special attention.

What is deserving of special attention in your life?

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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