Wednesday, October 13, 2010

3 Things We Can Learn From the Chilean Miners

3 things we can learn from the Chilean miners

If you have been watching the international news circuits currently, you witnessed the tear-filled and joyous rescue going underway of the 33 Chilean miners who have been trapped for 70 days below the Earth. Their story is a tale of tragedy turned triumph as they are all being rescued safely.

Putting myself in their shoes to understand what they had to go through is hard. I look around my cushy apartment and see my loved ones every day and thank the Lord that I have a job that doesn't put me in constant danger. It's hard to think about what they had to deal with being trapped in that mine for over two months only having each other and hope to latch on to. We can learn so much from them and their story.

3 Things We Can Learn From the Chilean Miners:
  • Keep your spiritual beliefs close at hand. Whether you are more religious or more spiritual or neither, keep your beliefs close at hand. When you are in dire straights, whatever you believe in might be the only thing that gives you motivation and hope.

  • Believe in the impossible. Nothing is impossible if you believe it's possible. Think about how quickly the miners would have given up had they believed it impossible for them to be rescued. We'd be watching a totally different story right now.

  • Turn a bad situation into a lifelong experience. Those men who were trapped in that mine have probably learned more about themselves than they have in all the days of their life. The situation was certainly bad for them, but they have received a ton of good knowledge and experience because of it.

I'm glad to hear of a bad story turned good. Every day we're inundated with the bad, depressing, and hopeless. The story of the Chilean miners shows us that happy endings do exist and hope is real. It reminds us that nothing is impossible unless you believe it is.

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