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7 Ways to Have a Budget-friendly [Adult] Halloween

So as a creative person, an event planner, and an event designer in training Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. The amount of imagination that goes into creating a Halloween costume that is A. budget friendly B. creative and memorable and C. worthy of you stepping out of the house in just fills me with child-like glee. At my new job, learning how to do new design techniques makes me think about all the parties and haunted houses that go through hours of creating the ULTIMATE in Halloween decor.

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Sometimes we all can get a little crazy trying to pick a costume, come up with a great party theme, or even trying to find out where the best Halloween spot is. Below are 7 Ways to Have a Budget-friendly [Adult] Halloween:
  1. Set the scary mood with a scary movie-nothing says Halloween like a good ole scary movie. There are some movies that to this day I will never watch again because it scared me so bad and there are other movies that really get my creative juices flowing. Find a classic such as Frankenstein or a new classic such as [The Original] Nightmare on Elm St. onDemand or find your new faves at the Red Box in your local store.

  2. For those that don't celebrate Halloween, have a Fall Harvest potluck. Some people don't celebrate Halloween for personal and religious reasons and that's okay. You can still have fun and not break with your morals. Have a Fall Harvest potluck. Invite some friends and ask that they bring at least one dish. You can coordinate the meals to reflect the start of the harvest with items like sweet potatoe pie, baked apples, roasted corn, and maybe even a large turkey breast or chicken. Make some spiked apple cider punch and you're set!

  3. Turn those treats into something sweet. Remember when you were young how you used to leap for joy at the thought of how much candy you would be getting? As an adult, you probably still leap for joy at the sight of a good chocolate bar or candy treat. Try turning your guilty pleasure into an even better guilty pleasure. Turn those treats into something sweet. Personally my favorite candy is Reeses' Peanut Butter cups, so naturally I'd find a chocolate peanut butter pie to make. But you too can get creative and see what you can whip up with your favorite treats.

  4. Instead of giving your friends candy, give them mini bottles of liquor-Let's face it. We're all adults...well most of us, candy and treats are all fun and everything but most of us like a good drink or two. Have a costume party of your own and fill your friends' bags with mini bottles of the liquor. The best thing about these mini bottles is that they are drastically less than their bigger counterparts. Plus it's a great way for your adult side to meet your inner kid again.[*Disclaimer: We here at SOA Event Concepts, LLC and The Unemployed [but Empowered] Entrepreneur DO NOT condone underage or binge drinking.*]

  5. Find out where all the free Halloween parties are and invite friends. Being a newly employed entrepreneur it's great to be able to say, "I have a job" and have a little extra pocket change, but I'm still cheap (just being honest). Depending on where I am going and who the special guest is, I don't feel like I should have to pay to party. Most of my friends are pretty much the same way. So when we are able to get some quality fun at a nice location for nothing at all, we relish in it. You too can have a great time and not spend hardly any money if you know where to look. Try sites like Eventful and Facebook and even Twitter to find out where the nearest and best Halloween parties will be this weekend and then INVITE YOUR FRIENDS! The more the merrier!

  6. Pumpkin carving contest and scary ghost stories. I like a good scary story like the next one and I love to carve pumpkins. Put them together and you have a night of great fun and mischief. Encourage your friends to bring their own pumpkins and snacks and a great story and have a wonderful time trying to out do and scare each other.

  7. Support the local kids club and give back. One of the best things about any holiday is the opportunity to give back. Even on Halloween, where most people are thinking about the mischief and mayhem of the night, take an opportunity to volunteer your time at a local school or boys/ girls club. Many of them create fall festivals and safer environments for kids to go trick or treating. Do your part in supporting your community and local service organizations.

Last year's budget friendly Halloween Costume. I was Nurse Betty!

These are just a couple of ideas I have for you to create a budget-friendly and exciting Halloween weekend. No matter what you decide to do, just remember BE SAFE; DRINK RESPONSIBLY; DON'T DRINK, TEXT, OR TWEET WHILE DRIVING; and HAVE FUN!!!

Happy Halloween from The Unemployed [but Empowered] Entrepre-BOO-er

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  1. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one that's frugal when it comes to costumes. I just posted this year's costume. I usually try to cap my Halloween spending to about $10. This year, I only spent $5. WOOP!


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