Monday, October 4, 2010

An Episode in Branding

SOA Event Concepts' website is finally up! I am sooooooo excited because it is a BIG step in branding and getting my company out there. It took a long time for it to come but I am definitely happy with the way it turned out. On the road to getting your name out there, a website or blog or some sort of main presence for information is very important. It allows for people to understand you-the brand. It is also a way to show off your previous work, your background, your client base, and whether you actually know what you are talking about.

Whether you are a model, photographer, or consultant of any kind, having a website is one of the most important thing in the game of branding. The best thing about websites these days is that you don't have to always pay someone to do with. With websites like Webs, Wix, and Weebly you can create websites yourself for free! Personally my website was created by the boyfriance, but that's me. So check out the site and tell me what you think!

The Unemployed Entrepreneur

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