Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Royal Wedding: the original stimulus package

I was perusing the internet searching for content and of course being an event planner, I type in a google search "how much does the royal wedding cost?" What do I find? "How the Royal Wedding is good for the economy." Seriously? A wedding. My initial reaction was cynicism. As much money as this wedding is going to cost? What about all the taxes the locals are going to have to pay because of it? But then after letting the idea marinate, it donned on me. This Royal Wedding isn't just the be all of weddings in 2011. It really can stimulate the British, and thus, the world economy.

First there is the plethora of jobs. Between the seamstresses working on Kate Middleton's THREE wedding dresses; florists putting together their hundreds of centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, and floral decor; caterers and catering staff preparing the feast; and not to mention the security, this wedding will be able to feed a third world country for YEARS.

Every time I turn on the television, I hear about a new fashion maven, entertainment mogul, or journalist gearing up to head to London to cover and be a part of the media circus that is the Royal wedding. That leads me to think about the hoards of people who will be travelling just to say "I was there." Tourism as well as the coverage is going to be RI-DI-CUL-OUS! Can you imagine how much a one star hotel is going to cost in the coming weeks? Much less a 5 star.

The local economy and exports. The other day, I posted on the SOA Event Blog a porcelain replica of the "Princess Kate Middleton bridal doll." Think about the handmade and local gifts, treats, and memorabilia that is being made for this shindig. The town alone will make a boat load of money from all the tourists and locals purchasing their gifts.

Certainly the week of the wedding, that will be all we'll see but hey...the world is in a depression of sorts. It's about time we had something to not only give us hope, but maybe a little money and inspiration as well.

How else do you think this royal wedding will stimulate the economy (British and world)?

The Unemployed Entrepreneur


  1. How is a wedding going to give us hope in a recession...surely it will be just another wedding. My uncle is getting married one

  2. Wow! their perfect couples a inspiring one. :)



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