Thursday, April 14, 2011

Six Tax Tips to Make Tax Filing a Breeze

So....if you're like most of the other millions of Americans running around trying to hurry up and file before Tax D-Day (April 18th this year), you're looking for shortcuts, tips, tricks, and advice on filing. Below are some tips for making tax filing a breeze...especially if you are a business. And who better to get them from than the people created to enforce you're filing correctly? The IRS.

Six Tax Tips to Make Tax Filing a Breeze via the IRS:

  1. Don't Procratinate.Since most of you have already missed out on this piece of advice, how about instead of "don't procrastinate" for those of you who about "Get your butt to the tax preparer NOW! NOW! NOW!"

  2. Visit the IRS website.Think about it. How do you dance with the devil? You go to his house and find out his favorite song. (lol) But seriously, if you want to know how to get the most money from your taxes and still make sure you pay your taxes to the government go to the exact place where your taxes go...the IRS website.

  3. Use Free File. It's free isn't it? Take your butt to the free efiler and get your taxes done. According to the IRS site, it's quick and easy and best of all free.

  4. Try IRS e-file. What's better than filing your taxes for free? Getting your tax refund ten days sooner.

  5. Don't worry if you can't pay. My face when I read this was like this --> :/ But apparently some people aren't able to pay the full amount. If this is the case, you can consult an IRS agent to create an installment or payment plan.

  6. Request an extension of time to file--but pay on time. Isn't that a bit of a conundrum? If I'm asking for an extension of time...doesn't that mean I can't pay on time? Hmmm...

What have we learned? File your taxes on time, no matter what! You officially have four days to file your taxes as of this post. So..."Get your butt to the tax preparer NOW! NOW! NOW!"

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